Menzerna – Ceramic Spray Sealant 500ml

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Menzerna Ceramic Spray Sealant is a simple and quick to use spray sealant. It is universally applicable and suitable for all vehicles. Menzerna Spray Sealant protects the surface from environmental influences and deposits. It also simplifies the cleaning process.

Recommended Usage

1. Before sealing: Clean the already shiny surface with Menzerna Control Cleaner.

2. Shake bottle well before use.

3. Spray two to three sprays onto a clean microfibre cloth

4. To achieve a perfect result, spread the product with the microfibre cloth on the surface to be sealed.

5. Remove the remaining product after application on the surface with the dry side of a microfibre cloth.

6. The vehicle should then be left in a dry place for 2-3 hours, away from direct sunlight.


–         Effective, universal spray sealant for all vehicles

–         Easy and fast application

–         Very high-water repellency (beading & sheeting)

–         Strong dirt repellency

–         Perfect finish

–         Lasts 3 months


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