Chemical Guys Foaming Fabric Clean

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Why Buy This Product?
Breaks down and removes stubborn stains
Works on indoor and outdoor fabric, upholstery and carpet
Deep cleaning benefits of biotechnology
No toxic chemicals, ammonia, bleach, color damaging deterents or solvents
No hard rubbing or scrubbing necessary
Restores to like-new condition
Very concentrated – dilute one part product to 20 parts water
How it Works
The Fabric Clean Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo & Odor Eliminator is the fastest and strongest spot and stain remover shampoo. Fabric Clean will break down and remove stubborn stains from any indoor/outdoor fabric, upholstery or carpet safely and completely. It is formulated with the most advanced cleaners and protectants. Fabric Clean combines a superior biodegradable degreaser with an enzymatic odor eliminator for immediate odor control and long lasting deep cleaning benefits of biotechnology. Naturally occurring microbes in Fabric Clean degrade the organic compounds that cause odor, eradicating them completely leaving behind a fresh scent. There are no chemicals, ammonia, bleach, color damaging deterents or solvents. This biodegradable formula removes oil, grease, dirt, coffee, tea, wine, juice and pet stains from any water-safe indoor or outdoor fabric. Fabric Clean removes stains fast and restores fabric, carpet and upholstery to a like-new condition. Fabric Clean is highly concentrated and should be diluted one part product to 20 parts water.

Removes stains with incredible ease
Can be sprayed on or used via carpet machine
Dilutes 20 to 1
Removes odours


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