Snow Foam Lance

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Constructed from a solid brass body it oozes quality which feels satisfyingly solid. With the correct adapter fitted it fits directly onto a Karcher, Bosch , Kew/Alto, Lavor etc pressure washer like any other attachment. Before ordering please take a moment to check the measurments listed on the pictures showing the different adapter styles available to ensure they are compatible with your model, for example the Bosch adapter will not fit the Bosch Aquatak 160 Pro X , depending on your country this may be known as a different model number, so please check.
The nozzle can be adjusted for the pattern of foam delivered and the valve on the top regulates the chemical dilution rate.
Reduce Swirl Marks and Scratches – 95% of swirl marks and scratches are caused from improper washing equipment and techniques. Swirl marks, scratches, and holograms are all caused by rubbing dirt and grim into the paintwork causing damage which results in a dull and neglected finish. The Directhoses Next Generation Professional Foam Lance helps reduce swirl marks and scratches by allowing the user to pre-soak the vehicle’s exterior pulling off any loose contamination. Finally, removing dirt and dust from those hard-to-reach areas is easier than ever. Often, the vehicle can be cleaned without any manual washing which makes the Directhoses Next Generation Professional Foam Lance the perfect solution for a “Touch-Free” car wash.
Max Pressure: 180 bar
Max Temp: 60°C

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Karcher, Bosch/Aquatak, nilfisk old style, gerni/ nilfisk (new style), kranzel / M22, Lavor


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