Chemical Guys Hexlogic Orange Hand Polish Pad

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  • Polish swirls and scratches without a machine
  • Fits in small areas like doorjambs, handles, and mirrors
  • Perfect size for any hand
  • Works great on intricate shapes on wheels, headlights, bumpers, windows, and exhaust tips
  • Use Orange Medium Duty Cutting Pad with any compound or polish
  • Perfect for removing swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, paint transfer, and marring


Pick up Hex-Logic Hand Applicator Pads when polishing hard-to-reach spots and small isolated areas. Hex-Logic Hand Pads are perfect for polishing and removing swirls, scratches, and paint transfer from wherever a machine polisher just won’t fit. Door handles, trunk jambs, window sills, wheels, exhaust tips, and foglights can now be polished without a dual action polisher or rotary buffer. These hand-held polishing pads use the same premium pad foams, Hex-Logic grooves, and distinct foam densities as the Hex-Logic Machine Polishing Pads. When Hex-Logic engineers were designing the best pattern to evenly spread polish across the work surface, they drew inspiration from nature. Bees instinctively build their honeycombs with hexagonal chambers: the most efficient shape for dividing any given space into an even grid. When polishing compound is spread over the hexagonal chambers of a Hex-Logic pad, the hexagon grooves ensure the best spread for even paint removal and fast and efficient polishing work over any painted surface. Use the Orange Hex-Logic Hand Polishing Pad to remove swirls, scratches, oxidation, and paint transfer from painted surfaces in and around any automobile. The Hex-Logic Hand Polishing Pad is perfect for removing fingernail scratches from the back of door handles where no machine polisher can fit. Follow up with the White Hex-Logic Hand Applicator Pad to refine away any compounding marks, then spread a coat of protective wax with the ultra-soft Black Hex-Logic Hand Pad. When a machine polisher is out of the question, choose the Hex-Logic Hand Polishing Pad from Chemical Guys.


The Orange Hex-Logic Medium Cutting Hand Pad is perfect for scratch and defect removal. This pad helps remove swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, paint transfer, and marring from any painted area of the vehicle. The orange hand pad works with any Chemical Guys compound or cutting polish, and is best used whenever this is no room for a machine polisher. When used with heavier compounds, it will remove moderate swirls and scratches from paintwork and clear optical plastics found on modern headlights. It’s an all-around polishing pad that will work on most light to moderate imperfections. The low-profile foam pad fits great in hard-to-reach places like door jambs, door handles, and engine bays. The cutting power of the orange foam is the perfect stiffness for restoring clarity to faded headlight lenses after wet-sanding steps. The Hex-Logic Orange Medium Cutting Hand Pad removes oxidation, swirls, and scratches to restore a bright finish with any Chemical Guys cutting compound or polish. This orange cutting pad works great with V32, V34, and V36 Optical Grade Polishes, as well as VSS Scratch & Swirl Remover. The Hex-Logic Orange Medium Cutting Hand Pad is a versatile pad that makes restoring damaged paintwork without a machine polisher easy. Now anyone can polish and restore their paintwork by hand using advanced functional surface technology to achieve the highest quality results with the Hex-Logic Medium Cutting Hand Pad.


Hex-Logic Hand Applicator Pads fill an important role in detailing work. Machine polishing is the only solution to removing swirls and scratches, but machines don’t always fit in some harder to reach spots on modern automobiles. These high tech hand-polishing pads are perfect for removing swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and marring. They are also exceptional for polishing mirrors, pillars, headlights, and any other car part that is shiny or clear. The possibilities of Hex-Logic Hand Pads are endless! Choose the right pad for removing swirls and scratches, or applying wax, sealant, or glaze to your paintwork. The Hex-Logic Hand Pads are the perfect size for any hand, big or small. The unique foam contours to the shape of your hand so you can restore shine and gloss to any surface. The Hex-Logic Hand Pads even work great on the interior of your vehicle to polish and restore wood grain dashboards, trim pieces, and clear gauge cluster plastic. The next time you need a machine polisher and it just won’t fit, reach for a Hex-Logic Hand Applicator Pad.


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