Carbon Collective Oracle 30ml

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Oracle is one of the most advanced coatings we have ever created, with ultra hydrophobic properties and unparalleled gloss enhancement.
It is also one of the most diverse coatings on the market, improving the depth of satin and matt finishes whilst being safe to use on a vast variety of surfaces including: Paint, PPF, Vinyl Wraps, Gel Coat, Carbon Fibre, Bare Metal, Aluminium and Stainless Surfaces, Plastic Grills, Trim and Headlights.
Oracle allows you to spend more time driving & less time cleaning, creating a highly repellant coating on the surface which is extremely low maintenance, no more waxing or re-application is needed.

  • – Use on PPF & vinyl wraps
  • – Enhances gloss, matt & satin finishes
  • – Ultra hydrophobic
  • – Makes surface easier to maintain
  • – Durable for 2-3 Years
  • – Water repellency angle of 110º
  • – Draining angle as low as 17º
  • – High chemical resistance
  • – Wipe on, wipe off application
  • – Low solvents

Kit includes:

  • – 30ml Bottle of Oracle
  • – Upgraded Dropper Bottle
  • – 2x 75mm Microfibre Applicators
  • – Foil Packaging with Instructions


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