Autobrite Citrus Wash 1L

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Autobrite Citrus Wash! The only APC/Degreaser you need for all your Car cleaning dutys!

It can be used as a pre-wash cleaner and degreaser, a bug remover and a general all purpose cleaner for your wheels, arches, door edges and boot appertures.

A beautifull citrus fragrance.. Citrus Cleaner/ Degreaser, is our best performing multi-purpose cleaner, specially blended to clean a variety of surfaces. Our heavy-duty cleaner is formulated to cut through oil, tar, grease, & road dirt, while being tough enough to remove all industrial grime as well.

  • Great cleaning action
  • Ideal through a Foam Lance
  • Excellent pre-wash cleaner
  • Removes chalky residue from plastic trim
  • Removes mould effectively
  • Removes Bugs effectively
  • Dilutes up to 100-1
  • Gentle citrus fragrance makes it great to work with


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