KKD Krystal Screen Concentrated Winter Screenwash

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This is a concentrated winter screenwash (zero water). It is common that products of this type use a healthy dose of antifreeze, together with the solvent to get the cold weather performance.

With KRYSTAL SCREEN, we have specifically chosen not to use this. Whilst it is a useful ingredient, it is the component which is responsible for leaving sticky spots on the paint. Many users believe that this is their LSP being stripped when it is simply the antifreeze stuck on top. So, with KRYSTAL SCREEN, this should not occur (or to a very minimal extent).

Dilution guidelines:

1 part product to 2 parts water – -20C

1 part product to 4 parts water – -12C

1 part product to 9 parts water – -5C

In the majority of cases in the UK the 1:9 ratio will be adequate but can be easily boosted should the need arise.

With a hint of apple !!!


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