Chemical Guys Hexlogic 5.5inch Red Fine Finishing Pad

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Chemical Guys PUR+( Poly-Urethane-Reactive Bonding). The most durable and resistant backing plate that is soft and gentle to paint. PUR+ backing plates can be washed hundreds of times guaranteeing a perfect grip with ever use that’s PUR+ technology.

Buffing pad Hex Logic Hex-logicThe Hexagon is not new to science it’s just new to detailing. Rather then try to reinvent some catchy gimmick, Chemical Guys invests in technology that through the years has simply been unbeatable and improves on it. Hex-Logic pads are designed to hold product and distribute it evenly over the surface of the pad delivering a superior even finish that is hard to achieve with any other pad.

Nature selected the Hexagon for storage and designed it to be one of the most efficient holding cells. For example a mass of hexagonal wax cells built by honey bees in their nests to store honey and pollen. The bees build the comb with 6 sides for even distribution of product fast and effectively.

Hex-logic pads and Hex-laser cut perfect every time to guarantee that ever pads use and results and extremely efficient.

The Hex-Logic Chemical Guys Pads are meant to work on flat or rounded/angled surfaces. The unique construction of the pads makes them extremely easy to maneuver while retailing the correct amount of product evenly distributed through the pad, Hex-Logic Pads keep product in the groves while you start and as the pad is spun and rubbed against the surface the polish with travel thought the hex-groves into the pad evenly delivering a superior accurate finish, while keeping the surface constantly lubricated to reduce friction and marring.
The unique Hex Laser Cute Surface of the pad enables Hex-Logic pads to conform to the shape of the surface delivering maximum surface contact. Unique Hexagon construction form perfectly to a vehicles many curves while he unique pad construction reduces unnecessary heat.

Hex-Logic Pad surface- Laser-Cut Face enable Hex-logic Pads to cover a better surface area with constantly remaining constrained to the vehicle surface delivering perfect accurate results every time.

Hex-Logic Functional Surface Technology.- The evolution of buffing pads.

Developed to address weaknesses inherent in traditional foam pads, Hex-Logic technology is the first surface-functioning pad that adapts to curved, angled, sloped or flat surfaces delivering the maximum amount of contact and the right amount of product distribution to deliver perfect results to any surface.

Based on hexagonal honeycomb-shaped product cells, the computer designed hex-logic system ensures proper surface contact and even product distribution over any surface. Durable Acu-Pore foam technology combined with hex-logic honeycomb product distribution cells enables hex-logic pads to utilize product, friction and heat to product prefect results on any surface.

Hex-Logic foam pads perform slightly different from each other on the basis of how they are constructed. Under a microscope, Acu-Foam technology is visibly. The foam pads also have a hex-logic honeycomb construction of small uniformly shaped cells. Smaller the cells, more densely the construction. Each pad color has a different density of foam and a varying amount of cut. Once the foam style is selected the Hex-Logic computer carefully calculates pad density and adjusts the depth of cut into the pad surface. Each Color pad will have a specific depth of cut in reference to the hex-logic pattern on the pad surface. The foam-specific hex-logic cut assures the best distribution of product while retailing the maximum coverage of surface area.

Hex-logic pads are open allowing maximum air to flow through the foam. Chemical compounds and polishes require the right amount of air flow through the foam. Open cell foam is ideal is achieving the best results from your chemicals.

Hex Logic Backing –Hex Logic Professional Pads have durable, long lasting backings on them for easy wash, maintenance and reuse. Developed for professional use Hex-Logic pads will not separate from the foam like traditional pads. The unique glue and heat transfer bonding system assures long durable use time after time.


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